Maritime Abbreviations


AA Always afloat

AAAA Always accesible always afloat

AFT Rear of a ship

AGW All going well

APS Arrival at Pilot Station

A/S Alongside

ATUTC Actual Times used to Count

BAF  Bunker Adjustment Factor

BALLAST  Heavy weight water, necessary for the stability and safety of a ship which is not carrying cargo.

BBB  Before Breaking Bulk

BENDS  Both Ends: Load and Discharge Ports

BL Bill of Lading

BOB  Bunker on Board

BOD Board of Directors 

BOFFER - Best Offer

BROB - Bunkers Remaining on Board

BSS - Basis

BSS 1:1  Basis 1 Loading Port to 1 Discharge Port

BWAD - Brackish Water Arrival Draft

CBM  Cubic Meter

CBFT Cubic Feet

CHOPT  Charterers Option

CHTRS  Charterers

CIF Term of sale: Cost, Insurance and Freight

COA  Contract of Affreightment 

COB Close of Business

COP Custom of Port

CP  Charter Party

CPD Charterers Pay Dues

CQD  Customary Quick Despatch term

DEM  Demurrage

DESP  Despatch

DET  Detention

DISCH  Discharge

DWT Deadweight

EIU  Even if Used

ETA  Estimated Time of Arrival

ETC  Estimated Time of Completion

ETD  Estimated Time of Departure

ETS  Estimated Time of Sailing

EX Excluded

FAS  Free Alongside Ship

FD Free of Despatch/no despatch

FDD  Freight Demurrage Deadfreight

FDDD Freight Demurrage Deadfreight Detention

FDIS  Free Discharge

FHEX  Fridays/Holidays Excluded

FHINC  Fridays/Holidays Included

FILO  Free In/Liner Out

FIOS  Free In/Out Stowed

FIOT Free In/Out and Trimmed

FIOSLSD  Free In/Out Stowed, Lashed, Secured and Dunnaged

FIOST  Free In/Out and Trimmed

FIT Free In Trimmed

FLT Full Liner Terms 

FOB - Free on Board

FOQ  Free On Quay

FOR  Free On Rail

FWAD Fresh Water Departure Draft

GLS  Gearless

GRT  Gross Registered Tonnage

GSB Good Safe Berth

GSP Good Safe Port

HA  Hatch

HD Half Despatch 

HO  Hold

IFO Intermediate Fuel Oil

IMDG  International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code

IMO  International Maritime Organization

IND Indication/indicate

ITF International Transport Federation 

IU If Used

IUATUTC  If Used, Actual Time Used To Count

IUHATUTC  If Used, Half Actual Time Used To Count

LOA  Length Overall of the vessel

LS Lumpsum

LT  1 . Liner Terms 

2. Laytime

MDO Marine Diesel Oil

MIN/MAX  Minimum/Maximum cargo quantity

MOL More or less

MOL CHOPT More or Less Charterers Option

MOL OO  More or Less Owners Option

MT Metric Tons 

M/V  Motor Vessel

NOR  Notice of Readiness

NRT  Net Registered Tonnage

OO  Owners Option

OWS - Owners

PDPR  Per Day Pro Rata

RCVR  Receivers

ROB  Remaining On Board

SAT PM  Saturday PM (after 12 noon)

SAT PM SHEX  Saturday PM, Sundays, and Holidays Excluded

SAT SHEX  Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays Excluded

SAT SHINC - Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays Included SB Safe Berth

SF Stowage factor

SHINC  Sundays and Holidays Included

SHEX  Sundays and Holidays Excluded

SOF  Statement of Facts

SP  Safe Port

SSHEX  Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays Excluded

SSHINC Saturdays, Sundays, and Holidays Included

SUB Subject to

SWAD  Salt Water Arrival Draft

SWDD Salt Water Departure Draft

TBA to be advised

TBC to be confirmed

TC  Time Charter 

TTL Total

USC Unless Sooner Commenced

UU  Unless Used

WCCON  Whether Custom Cleared or Not

WIBON  Whether in Berth or Not

WIFPON  Whether in Free Pratique or not

WIPON Whether in Port or Not

WLTOHC distance from Water Line To Hatch Coaming

WOG  Without Guarantee

WP  Weather Permitting

WWD  Weather Working Day

WWWW  Wibon, Wipon, Wccon, Wifpon